The Full-time Daddy Me

I will miss teaching. I will miss being with my young, bubbly, bright students, chatting with them with whatever subject, from Pokemon to politics. I actually am teary-eyed with the thought that my last few days with them are numbered already. But on the other hand, I've been taking care of others' children for the past 12 years of my life. This time, maybe I would like time to take care of my own. 🙂


Childbirth prep classmates reunion

Wifey May, baby Mags, and myself turned down my mom's invite to a weekend Subic-getaway last Sunday March 26, 2017 so we could attend our first (I assume we'll be having more soon!) childbirth preparation class reunion. The simple get-together was held at Frank & Dean in BGC. (Twas quite far from our home in … Continue reading Childbirth prep classmates reunion

And so I finally start blogging!

"Noy, dapat isulat mo rin ang mga adventures mo sa internet," said Mom to me maybe about a year ago. That was the very first time someone mentioned to me the idea to publish, at least online, some sort of documentation of my (mis)adventures. Travelling, mountaineering, and what not became a part of my life at … Continue reading And so I finally start blogging!