My wifey’s BF journey

I'm proud to say that my wife is a MOOmmy. Yep, that's right. "Moomy", and not "mommy" - a new term I've learned from having joined several FB groups dedicated to breastfeeding mothers, some, my wife added me into, and some, I joined myself. Moomy, referring to "moo", the sound cows make, the same cows … Continue reading My wifey’s BF journey


Childbirth prep classmates reunion

Wifey May, baby Mags, and myself turned down my mom's invite to a weekend Subic-getaway last Sunday March 26, 2017 so we could attend our first (I assume we'll be having more soon!) childbirth preparation class reunion. The simple get-together was held at Frank & Dean in BGC. (Twas quite far from our home in … Continue reading Childbirth prep classmates reunion

And so I finally start blogging!

"Noy, dapat isulat mo rin ang mga adventures mo sa internet," said Mom to me maybe about a year ago.┬áThat was the very first time someone mentioned to me the idea to publish, at least online, some sort of documentation of my (mis)adventures. Travelling, mountaineering, and what not became a part of my life at … Continue reading And so I finally start blogging!