The Doppelganger in Me

So last Thursday, February 23, 2017, I was already on my way back to the faculty room from my first period class when I came across Mrs. R, a Grade 5 colleague. She just came from the faculty room and she herself was now going to her classes during that second period. We even made … Continue reading The Doppelganger in Me


And so I miss writing!!!

I miss writing! I guess that's that! It has more than a year since I've last written anything here at all! I got pretty busy with, first and foremost, work, as my teaching load this school year is overloaded, thus that means, an extra class of quizzes to check, essays to read, parents to meet, … Continue reading And so I miss writing!!!

Of Shoes and Values

I usually do random checking of my student's uniform after flag ceremony, but last week, my students got a surprise when I told them to show their black leather school shoes to their classmates. I asked them if they were satisfied with the cleanliness and shine of their classmates' shoes, to which I heard a … Continue reading Of Shoes and Values

An Open Request to the Parents of My Students

A few years ago, the following question was asked by one of my¬†10-year-old Grade 5 students during our discussion of the human reproductive system: "Sir, if the sperm cells come from the male, and the egg comes from the female, and fertilization takes place inside the female's reproductive system... so... um... ehh.. how do the … Continue reading An Open Request to the Parents of My Students

Oreo Balls, anyone??!!

And finally, I got to taste Soki's scrumptious Oreo balls!!! A co-teacher of mine, Soki, started making Oreo balls as just a home hobby, and later on she figured out, why not sell them as well? She has been accepting orders by batches, mostly from us, her co-teachers, and finally, just yesterday, I finally got … Continue reading Oreo Balls, anyone??!!