Childbirth prep classmates reunion

Wifey May, baby Mags, and myself turned down my mom's invite to a weekend Subic-getaway last Sunday March 26, 2017 so we could attend our first (I assume we'll be having more soon!) childbirth preparation class reunion. The simple get-together was held at Frank & Dean in BGC. (Twas quite far from our home in … Continue reading Childbirth prep classmates reunion


Of Shoes and Values

I usually do random checking of my student's uniform after flag ceremony, but last week, my students got a surprise when I told them to show their black leather school shoes to their classmates. I asked them if they were satisfied with the cleanliness and shine of their classmates' shoes, to which I heard a … Continue reading Of Shoes and Values

An Open Request to the Parents of My Students

A few years ago, the following question was asked by one of my¬†10-year-old Grade 5 students during our discussion of the human reproductive system: "Sir, if the sperm cells come from the male, and the egg comes from the female, and fertilization takes place inside the female's reproductive system... so... um... ehh.. how do the … Continue reading An Open Request to the Parents of My Students

Mt. Marami 21km trail run – for better or for worse!

A gush of cool breeze was blowing around Katipunan area that Sunday wee hours of the morning when May and I met Ella and Jeremy (I hope I got his name correct!) at 7-Eleven that 2 in the morning. After hurriedly jumping into Kahel, my car (whose name is tantamount to its color), we drove … Continue reading Mt. Marami 21km trail run – for better or for worse!

When Did Climbing Get So Serious?

A repost¬†from a very prolific writer / mountaineer, Sir Kevin Jason Manuel, written last March 17, 2015 When did climbing mountains get so serious? That's the question in my head last weekend as I was making my way up Tarak Ridge. Color me crazy, but I feel that it's gotten a bit out of hand. … Continue reading When Did Climbing Get So Serious?