Ride review: Padyakan sa Rizal 2017

Masinag Bikers Club’s Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 was quite the success, it, being a first (of hopefully a series of events) that the group has held. The event was in collaboration with its primary sponsors: Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan, Granpolo Hotel, and Sultan Spa. Even the torrential outpour the night before was not enough to stop the event from pushing through.

I almost did not made it to this event as my lil one started throwing a tantrum minutes before I left for the event. Good thing that she was appeased soon. 🙂 Bikers from all around assembled at the spacious parking lot of Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan in Mayamot, Antipolo (at the Masinag Market area) by 5:00 am. last Sunday, May 28, 2017 for the said fun ride. However meager the promotion was for the event, it was actually pleasantly surprising to see that several biker groups were able to send their representatives to the fun ride; members of several mountain groups such as the Antipolo Cycling Club, Australian Harvest group, and of course, the Masinag Bikers Club, were present, amongst others.

Masinag Bikers Club
Masinag Bikers Club (image taken from the Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan FB Page)
from KsBB FB Page
Australian Harvest group (image taken from the Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan FB Page)
Antipolo Cycling Club
Antipolo Cycling Club (image taken from the Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan FB Page)

Some sponsors have also set-up their booths around the event area.

Event tarpaulin… Lots of sponsors for this event!

The emcees also kept the spirit up during the few moments before gun start with their lively hosting.

Registration still on-going during the event day itself

By 6:00 a.m., the group started the fun ride going to Sitio Cabading, a good 15-km-ish distance from the starting point.

As it was already quite late when we started, there was already a lot of jeeps plying the same route that we did; suffice to say that we had a good share of our dose of carbon monoxide that morning, especially in the traffic-heavy parts such as Cogeo Gate 2, Inarawan, and the rest. 😦

The route was of a gradual uphill. Veterans of this route have surely already planned their strategy for tackling this, maintaining the same cadence even if using their granny gears. Since this was just a fun ride, I, for one, did not give my 100% effort here. It was more of enjoying the experience of biking. Anyway, here’s my Strava elevation profile and Relive video of my ride. (Take note that I started recording from my home in Marikina. The actual fun ride started at around Km 7.5 and ended at around Km 37.5; the run ride itself was around 30 kilometers long.)

elevation profile
elevation profile

Finisher’s medals were already given to the participants upon reaching Sitio Cabading! Also, since it was a fun ride and not a race, an organizer suggested for everyone to wait for everyone else so that we will be one big, nice group riding all the way back to the starting line. Nice! 🙂

I got my Finisher’s Medal!
My trusty Trinx XC3
Tambay mode muna!
Organizers handing out the medals for the “half-finishers”
Rest break for most of the participants while waiting for their companions
Rest break for most of the participants while waiting for their companions
Bikers waiting for their companion at the u-turn point

Since I (and I guess most, if not all bikers out there) am a downhill guy, the ride going back to the starting line was of pure adrenaline rush due to the gradual downward slope. The trip back to Bahay-Bahayan took me just around half of the time going up. While waiting for the other participants to arrive, the meal was already served for those who were already done with the fun ride.

Super sumptuous meal after the ride! Rice, pancit canton, fried chicken, lechon kawali, soup, and iced tea!!!
Photo op with the first finishers of the fun ride (apologies for the blurred picture!)

Once all participants have arrived, the raffle started! Loads of prizes were raffled off!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! I never am lucky at these! 😀

The event ended at around 10 in the morning, after all the prizes were raffled off. All in all, these points could sum up my personal take on the event:

Good points

  • Organized fun ride. A lot of people working hard for the preparation as well as for the event itself were obviously present. Loot bags were well-prepared; meal tables were sufficiently manned; emcees were doing there job of perking up the program; amongst others. There were several police officers who escorted the bikers from the starting point to the u-turn point at Sitio Cabading. Furthermore, members of the Masinag Bikers Club were ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who might have needed help.
  • Newbie-friendly route. I’m not an expert nor a harkor to tell, although it was pretty obvious that there were non-pro bikers who participated in the fun ride. Although it still posed a challenge for them, the route was pretty much doable for a newbie, rest stops included.
  • Super sulit! Save the best point for last. For just Php 500, there was so much I got in this event! The loot bag contained a lot of items, plus there was an event shirt and a finisher’s medal to top it off! Also, the post-ride meal was such a winner that one could wonder how the organizers could have priced the event for just that amount (not that I am complaining). Hopefully, they don’t increase the registration fee for next year!

Points for improvement

  • Change of route. Although it is newbie-doable, the route is also plyed by pollution-evoking jeepneys. I’ve biked the same route several times before, all around 5 in the morning when there was still significantly less number of jeepneys along the road. This is the first time I’ve taken the route at 6 in the morning, and that one-hour time difference had an exponential effect on the number of jeepneys present. I just can’t think of any route to suggest right now. Anyone? 🙂
  • More organization in the formation of the fun ride. I was expecting ala-Tour of the Fireflies type of fun ride where everyone will ride together from start til end. It was my first fun ride after all. But no. Some bikers were pedalling like crazy just to be the first one to finish. Eh nagkita-kita rin naman kami sa Bahay-Bahayan pagkatapos ng ride! It actually got me thinking, was the intention really to have a big group fun ride, or a ride-your-pace style of ride?

So that’s that! Kudos to Masinag Bikers Club, Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan, Granpolo Hotel, and Sultan Spa for a job-well done! I’m looking forward for a better, more improved, and more exciting Padyakan sa Rizal 2018!

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