Upcoming Ride: Padyakan sa Rizal 2017

I was able to meet Sir Eddie Lee, owner (I presume?) of Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan in Masinag, Antipolo a few months ago when I reserved a videoke room for wifey’s company videoke session. Since it was relatively near our home in Marikina City, I rode my trusty Trinx XC3 going there, and I was pleasantly surprised to know that he himself is also an avid mountain biker. He invited me to join their group, the Masinag Bikers Club, through their Facebook Page (click here). And so I did tried.

masinag bikers club logo
Image taken from the MBC Facebook Page
masinag bikers club
Image taken from the MBC Facebook Page

However, daddy duties prevented me from being an active member of the group. I haven’t even joined lest one of their group rides at all! Being the hands-on dad that I was, life has significantly changed for me with regards to my sports life. I can no longer just run or ride or swim or climb up mountains without proper scheduling. As such, I made sure to ask wifey’s blessing to join the group’s annual fun ride more than a month in advance so I could already block it off in my calendar.

Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 will take place this Sunday, May 28, 2017. The fun ride will be an out-and-back route. Starting point will be at Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan in Mayamot, Antipolo City (near Masinag Market). The ride will traverse to Sito Cabading via Marcos Highway. It will roughly be an almost-30-km ride. Assembly will be 5:00 a.m. No specific time for ride-out was given, but I’m guessing it might be 6 a.m., or as long as everyone is ready to go.

location map
Starting point at Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan (image taken from Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 FB Event Page)
route map
Route using Strava Route Builder

To make the fun ride even more fun, lots of prizes will be raffled off! Bike accessories, gadgets, an LED TV, a washing machine… take a look at these prizes, waiting for its winners!

raffle prizes 3
32″ LED TV (image taken from Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 FB Event Page)
raffle prizes 1
Several electronic gadgets (image taken from Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 FB Event Page)
raffle prizes 2
Action cam (image taken from Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 FB Event Page)

Aside from these, all participants will be receiving an event shirt, a finisher’s medal, discount coupons, gift certificates, a free meal at the end of the event, and a loot bag!

loot bags
Loot bags ready for distribution (image taken from Padyakan sa Rizal 2017 FB Event Page)

I’m not just sure whether there will be beneficiaries for this event. I do love joining events-for-a-cause. Hopefully, they do have one. 🙂

You can register at Kainan sa Bahay-Bahayan, Granpolo Hotel, or Sultan Spa (It doesn’t actually matter where you go as they are located within the vicinity of one another!), or you may visit the Padyakan sa Rizal Facebook Event Page for more details! As for me, I’m Biker No. 50!!!

ready to ride

Let’s go! Let’s ride! See you all Sunday!


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