Runrio Trilogy 2017 Officially Opens!!!

Who would have thought that this newbie blogger’s musings about running, biking, teaching, and daddy-ing would be given an opportunity to attend the just-concluded Runrio Trilogy 2017 media launch??!! 😀 😀 😀 My blog got noticed (somehow!) and yours truly got invited to this special event today as part of the media group to promote the run series! Amidst the press and veteran bloggers in the hall, my feelings could be likened to chop suey – giddiness, excitement, nervousness… all rolled together!

Runrio Trilogy 2017 Media Launch Press Release Kit

The event was held at the Grand Ballroom of the prestigious and oh-so-fabulous Okada Manila in Paranaque City just this morning, Friday, April 28, 2017. The audience was composed of the press and distinguished bloggers and photographers and other important people from the running community.

The event was hosted by John Montalvan, Events and PR Manager of Runrio, Inc. Coach Rio de la Cruz himself gave the welcome remarks to the audience. It was rather a sentimental one, as it was only this time that I learned that when he was younger, like any serious runner out there, he dreamed of competing in the Olympics. He might be too old for that now, but his dreams are now being carried by the younger runners Runrio is training and helping out. Furthermore, he is the head coach of the UP Track Team, which he was also part of then. Now, that’s what you call giving back! 🙂


The audience listens to Coach Rio

Actor Dingdong Dantes, founding chair of YesPinoy, went up on stage next. He explained how YesPinoy partnered with Runrio during its first run event then in order to raise funds for its beneficiaries. (I suddenly remembered the first runs I’ve joined way back around ten years ago – those runs whose proceeds are for building libraries, schools, cleaning up coastal areas, and the like – the runs with a cause.)



Actor Dingdong Dantes answering questions after the media launch program

The 1st leg of the Runrio Trilogy will happen on June 25, 2017 with the flagship distance of 21km half-mary, and to explain race details further, Milo VP for Sports Andrew Neri and Franco Bambico of Runrio had the floor next. Race details will be in a separate post soon!

Afterwards, all four speakers went on stage for an open forum with the members of the audience.

Coach Rio happily answering one of the questions of the member of the audience
Milo VP for Sports Andrew Neri, Coach Rio de la Cruz, and Actor Dingdong Dantes gamely posing for the press

Of course, the designs of the race shirt (Take note: race shirt, not race singlet! I actually haven’t joined a Runrio event for quite a while due to changes in my life [read: wifey’s pregnancy and birth of our cute little one 😀 ], so this actually came as a very pleasant surprise for me!) were also unveiled during the event. The race shirts are made by Adidas, one of Runrio’s official partners/sponsors. The fun might had been complete had the finisher’s shirt were also revealed, but let’s just try to keep our suspense at bay. 🙂

The program ended once all questions were answered. Sumptuous lunch then ensued. Wow! Just wow! I wasn’t able to take photos of all food items, but just take a look at these!!!

And that’s a wrap! Running season for me officially starts again! I’ve been on hiatus from running officially in races for more than a year already due to the reasons I’ve mentioned, and this event has caused my blood to start boiling again for the passion I’ve temporarily put on hold! Time to start hitting the concrete (or asphalt or trail) again!

Save the date! See you guys on June 25, 2017! Me? I’ve already signed up for the 21k distance! Agad-agad? Excited eh! 😀

(Disclaimer: I’m hoping I got all my details correct! For any corrections, kindly comment below or email me at


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