Go, Sir Ken, go!!!

I was shocked and saddened with the news that during the NatGeo Earth Run last Sunday, April 23, 2017, one of the participants of the 42-km run passed away.

I do not know him personally, but I met Sir Ken Fernando Torres during the last five or so kilometers of our Pico de Loro 42-km trail marathon last March 15, 2015. He was one of my newly-met companions during those last few kilometers towards the finish line, us being tired and all from that grueling trail marathon, walking, trudging, gunning it our all. To relieve the exhaustion, we were just exchanging our running stories with one another. Wifey and I just finished ahead of him as he stopped by a sari-sari store to buy softdrinks and tsitsiria out of hunger. After all, it was already 2 p.m. that time, and after 11 hours, we still had a few kilometers left!

“Ingat na lang, sir! Kita-kits sa trail!”

was the last line I remember saying to him. I haven’t had a picture taken with him during that event, so I’m just using his picture together with the race director Jigger Meneses at the finish line.

Kudos to you, Sir Ken! I am a fan of your witty yet corny Facebook posts, and more especially, your never-ending passion for running! You’ve succeeded in conquering the distances I still am and will be training for! Now, the trails in heaven will offer your a loftier and softer run than the ones we’ve ran here! 🙂


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