Duyan Jamming Session #1: Iris

Finally, I’ve been able to write again! Since it’s already our summer break and I now have time on my hands, I promised myself to go back blogging! I have lots of stories to share especially about this new chapter of my life of being a first-time dad, but let me start with this.

As I also would like my bubbly baby daughter to have an inkling for music, I usually play my guitar for her at night when we sing our lullabyes. She does have some sort of gearing towards it as she listens attentively and watch my fingers as it struts the guitar and forms the chords along the fretboard.

Just recently, I also tried singing for her one afternoon I was watching over her as she tries to sleep in her duyan. As such, our DJS, or Duyan Jamming Sessions, was born! Our first session is my rendition of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls:

Just don’t mind the cloth diaper inserts hung behind us! Enjoy! 😀


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