Childbirth prep classmates reunion

Wifey May, baby Mags, and myself turned down my mom’s invite to a weekend Subic-getaway last Sunday March 26, 2017 so we could attend our first (I assume we’ll be having more soon!) childbirth preparation class reunion. The simple get-together was held at Frank & Dean in BGC. (Twas quite far from our home in Marikina so wifey and I were wondering why choose this venue, but later on, I found out that one of our classmates, Miguel, owns the place. Ooooh! Kaya pala! Thanks for the sumptuous fries, Miguel! 😀 )

To cut the long story short, we attended Rome Kanapi’s childbirth preparation classes for six Sundays sometime in the latter part of 2016 to, as you guessed it, be (somewhat) prepared for Mags’ arrival. Most of us still actively communicate with one another through our Viber group, and since all the babies have already said their “Hello World!”, the group decided to meet-up for a simple reunion.

I was still a few meters away from the entrance when I already saw several babies inside! Yep, we’ve come to the right place! And it was pleasantly surprising to see that at the start, it was actually the dads, including myself, who were carrying the babies! This is the next level machismo! 😀

birthing class reunion dads

Of course, the mommies did not back down from having a photo-op with the babies too!

birthing class reunion moms

Finally, everyone, with all smiles!

birthing class reunion
Only seven out of the 14 parents-participants were present. Hopefully, everyone will be there next time, including Ms. Rome!

The conversations ranged from the usual “Uy! How are you?” to the expected “Ilang buwan na siya?”, “How heavy was he when he was born?”, “Nakakapag-ipon ka na ng breastmilk”, “Are you already working again?”, and other related topics. Amidst the pizza, pasta, coffee, and juice, everyone was actually happy to see one another, especially the bubbly babies. Modesty aside, I think our baby Mags was actually one of the most behaved babies, only crying for nappy change time towards the end of our visit.

See, this group was more than just a coming together of couples who wanted to learn and be prepared when their babies came out. We actually became an informal support group, always ready to respond to one another’s inquiries about this and that about pregnancy, baby care, and mommy care (medyo mahina lang nga sumagot mga daddies sa Viber group namin hehehe).

Since our classes, we’ve been helping one another throughout this journey of parenthood. Questions as mundane as “What’s the homework for tomorrow?” or “Do we need to bring yoga mats?” to the more complicated ones as “What do we do for those baby acne?” or “How come I only produce little milk?” to the more recent ones as “How do you guys wean your babies off mittens?” or “Do your babies also have reddish skin on the neck?” were readily answered by our classmates. Being first-time parents really is a daunting task, however, with people like these, it’s good to know that there is always that someone who will be ready to lend a helping hand. Or at least a prompt reply in Viber.

April na bukas. Reunion na uli? 😛


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