The Doppelganger in Me

So last Thursday, February 23, 2017, I was already on my way back to the faculty room from my first period class when I came across Mrs. R, a Grade 5 colleague. She just came from the faculty room and she herself was now going to her classes during that second period. We even made a quick eye contact gave one another a nod as a sign of everyday courtesy. I went to the faculty room and she went to her classes.

The problem? I was on leave last Thursday. I was absent for my classes. I filed for a leave to serve yaya duties to my baby and went to Makati with her and wifey.

3 p.m. that day, Mrs. L, another fellow teacher, texted me, “Partner, nagpunta ka ba Ateneo today? Nakita ka raw ni L kanina, naka-checkered na polo ka.” Since I was driving, I wasn’t able to reply right away.

One minute later, she resent the same exact message, and sensing the urgency of my reply, I asked wifey to reply for me. “Nope hindi! Plain black polo shirt ang suot ko saka Makati lang ako buong araw. Why? Kita ninyo doppleganger ko? Hehe.”

“Nag-smile lang daw sa kanya, as in face to face. Yup kamukha na kamukha mo daw. Pati katawan. As in ikaw daw.”

So apparently, yep, I do have a doppelganger. I even joked that maybe it was my substitute teacher who just looked like me. But no. My colleague who saw “me” was so adamant into saying that it was I who she saw.

Hopefully, I won’t see my own doppelganger in the future. 🙂


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