Grade 5-Ifugao Class Recollection

Last Saturday, October 17, 2015, my 5-Ifugao class had their recollection in school. Amidst the gloomy atmosphere that the then-upcoming Typhoon Lando brought into the ominous skies, I was so happy to see that my class had perfect attendance for this event. The format of the Grade 5 recollection was changed for this year. Instead of silent prayer all throughout, the students were treated to a more kinesthetic treatment of prayer – dancing and playing for the first part.

The recollection started out with a dance number opening prayer, in the form of a dance. All the students danced to the tune of Jesus, What a Friend!. Anyway, here are my students happily dancing their opening prayer:







Even without interviewing them one by one, I could tell from their looks that my students did enjoy that kind of prayer!

Anyway, the game of Pamplona followed afterwards. The class was divided into two main groups – the first one would be citizens and defenders first, while the second group are to be the cannons, trying to hit the first group with soft rubber balls. The objective of the game is for the defenders to try to “rescue” and defend the citizens, bringing them from one point to another, while the cannons will try to destroy the defense of the the defenders. Being hit by the ball means that the defenders will one by one expose the citizen more, allowing it to be hit by the cannons. However, the defenders could also deflect the rubber ball. Here are some pictures of my class playing the game:








I could see again from their faces that they really enjoyed this game! It sorta reminded me of the movie Ender’s Game where one scene showed the team of Ender Wiggin winning the game against Bonzo Madrid using a similar strategy.

Anyway, recess followed afterwards. My students shared their baon with one another at this point, and surprisingly, they did follow instructions to avoid playing for once to keep the solemnity of the occasion.

After recess, a mini-prayer session followed held at the Fermin Hall Assembly area.




The prayer session was a combination of praying and singing, and I could feel all the students really gave their best in conversing with Jesus at this point as the solemnity was evident in the air.

The student’s recollection culminated in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, with all four sections present together. What really surprised me was the fact that, although they are not really required to be there, all the parents who were present in the mass (who came early to fetch their sons) were all Ifugao parents! This was actually the first time that that many parents came to celebrate the mass with my students at the end of the recollection! Such support these parents have for their sons! Thank you, dear parents! 🙂

All in all, I felt that this student recollection was really meaningful to the students. This is the first time that my students had a recollection in their AGS lives, and I was really happy to see that they enjoyed it and, though they might not say it outright, I know it made an impact in their lives.

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