And so I finally start blogging!

“Noy, dapat isulat mo rin ang mga adventures mo sa internet,” said Mom to me maybe about a year ago. That was the very first time someone mentioned to me the idea to publish, at least online, some sort of documentation of my (mis)adventures.

Travelling, mountaineering, and what not became a part of my life at the young age of thirty-something, not yet too late, and not too early either. Although I am confident of my writing skills, actually posting my writings in a public domain for anyone and everyone to read was a far-fetched idea. I did not even keep a diary or journal of some sort when I was younger, so why start now? After all, I don’t think anyone would be interested to read just another blog when there are loads of other blogs out there from bloggers who have already made a name for themselves.

Nonetheless, more than satisfying the cravings of other readers, I realized that this blog would be an outlet of my ideas, thoughts, opinions, of anything and everything under the sun. What better way to know myself than to express myself, right?

So there. Happy reading!


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